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The Cindy Margolis Story

By: Brent A. Wood, Ph.D.

cindy margolisMany people recognize Cindy Margolis, the beautiful super model on the front cover of our inaugural issue of Fertility Today Magazine. Cindy Margolis is a host, spokesperson, actress, model, author and mother who happens to be America's #1 rated celebrity Web site. That means that she is the most downloaded woman alive today. What is distinctive about her Web site is the demographics of the people visiting her site. In fact over 43% of people clicking onto her site are women. If you spend even a few minutes with Cindy, you will quickly discover that her beauty is as genuine on the inside as it is on the outside. You will also quickly discover her remarkable and painful story that resulted in the birth of her first child.

Cindy married restaurant owner Guy Starkman, who she describes as the "man of her dreams," on September 6, 1998. They both had the desire to begin their family as soon as possible, even hoping to conceive a child on their honeymoon. However, the magic of the honeymoon did not result in the wonder of an expanding family. For the next two years the sadness of Cindy and Guy grew as each month went by with no signs of pregnancy. A decision was made to consult a fertility specialist, but in spite of multiple tests, the couple heard a diagnosis that many of our readers have heard, "unexplained infertility."

The doctors explained to Cindy that it could take years for her to become pregnant naturally. Her intense desire to have a baby and the fact that she was now in her 30's caused Cindy and Guy to look into IVF (in vitro fertilization) as a possible route to realize their desire to have children. And so a new chapter in their lives and marriage began with Cindy's first IVF treatment, an attempt that sadly resulted in failure.

More attempts would follow and Cindy describes this as a "testing time" in their marriage, an experience that was at times, "surreal." In fact Cindy would undergo three unsuccessful IVF cycles. Guy would administer the painful injections. But time after time, the pain did not result in any gain and sadly no positive pregnancy tests. For Cindy it was a time of loneliness and desperation. On top of this she was a supermodel that had to deal with gaining five to fifteen pounds from the "fertility enhancing meds."

Unable to find out what was preventing her from conceiving, Cindy was willing to try most anything. She describes the time as "mind-boggling" and a time of "heart break." After three unsuccessful IVF procedures, a fourth attempt was made utilizing a GIFT procedure where a gamete is inserted in the female's fallopian tubes. At long last, the pregnancy test showed the right color, but the hard part was still not over.

Cindy describes her pregnancy in both positive and negative terms. One the one hand it was a time of "anticipation, optimism and dreaming." On the other hand it was an experience of "fear, insecurity and self doubt." The emotions' pendulum swung far in both directions. Due to numerous complications that risked the health and life her growing baby, Cindy was admitted, at the 24 week mark to the High Risk Pregnancy Unit of the Tarzana Hospital. Not only was Cindy ordered to remain on bed rest until she would deliver, but her stress capacity would be taken to a new level when she and Guy were advised against having another baby due to the great risk.

The pain, prayers and tears finally resulted in a genuine miracle on June 9, 2002 with the birth of a healthy and happy baby boy Nicholas Isaac. In a letter written to the woman who would be a surrogate mother for later children, Cindy explained that Nicholas' birth was much more than a great relief. "He was indeed our little personal miracle...our very own glimpse of heaven wrapped up in a little blue receiving blanket. He was beautiful! And becoming his parents that afternoon in June was the greatest achievement and most humbling experience Guy and I have ever known. We thank God everyday for our precious Nicholas…"

Because of Cindy's personal struggle, she readily shares her story of "unexplained infertility." Her voice joins a choir of millions of men and women with similar experiences. Fertility Today Magazine is committed to providing a place for these voices to be heard and just as importantly providing you with the very best in comprehensive treatment options and counsel from some of the world's top researchers and practitioners. Our desire is to be a resource that will help you realize your own personal miracle wrapped up in a receiving blanket.

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