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Fertility Today Magazine has an outstanding selection of articles written by professionals in their fields. Perhaps nowhere else, have so many reproductive endocrinologists contributed articles on topics ranging from general infertility to the most advanced assisted reproductive technologies for the general public. These articles are written so that lay couples can understand the highly complex issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Many embryologists will contribute articles on the fascinating aspects of egg retrieval, culture, transfer, and procedures such as intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

We also feature articles from attorneys who specialize in reproductive issues such as donor egg, donor sperm, surrogacy and others. Ethicists will contribute articles on the moral and ethical issues raised by assisted reproductive technologies. Mental health and Complementary & Alternative Medicine professionals will address the psychological effects and nontraditional management (yoga, acupuncture and the like) of fertility/infertility issues. We include a list of our distinguished authors below and be sure to review the outstanding collection of experts on our Editorial Board.

Submitting Articles to Fertility Today Magazine

Thank you for your interest in submitting an article for Fertility Today Magazine. Articles should be relevant to one of the twenty-one sections of the magazine and follow the guidelines listed below. The typical issue will feature one to four articles spread over these sections:

Section 1- Fertility, Infertility, Nursing Care Section Obstetrics
Section 2- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Section 3- Ovarian Function, Age & Fertility
Section 4- Cancer & Fertility, Premature Ovarian Function
Section 5- Endometriosis
Section 6- Tubal Infertility
Section 7- Male Infertility
Section 8- Unexplained Infertility
Section 9- Assisted Reproductive Technology
Section 10- Third Party Reproduction
Section 11- Reproductive Genetics
Section 12- Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and High Risk Obstetrics

Section 13- Contraception
Section 14- Mind Body and Soul
Section 15- Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Exercise and Nutrition
Section 16- Adoption and Child Free Living
Section 17- Law and Ethics
Section 18- In the News
Section 19- Book Reviews
Section 20- " My Story"
Section 21- Ask the Experts

Fertility Today Magazine Article Guidelines:

  • Article should reflect the highest ethical standards of patient care and information including a concern for the physical, psychological and spiritual health of the reader.
  • Article should be scientifically valid which means it is consistent with evidence-based medicine and current standards of care.
  • Article should be "reader friendly" as the target audience is health consumer, not health care professional.
  • Article should be 800-1500 words in length with no more than four references.
  • Author must submit a CV, short bio and the address of your practice (published articles include your picture, short bio and practice/office address for your PR).
  • Article should be sent to articles@fertilitytoday.org or use the contact form.

Articles that are accepted for publication will be reviewed by our editorial board, prepared for magazine publication and returned to you in their edited form for your approval. We will also request a signed "Writers Agreement" prior to publication.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at articles@fertilitytoday.org.


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